Hobby Robotics

An Overview Of The Field

Hobby robotics are starting to experience large growth. The reason for this growth is the development of a small, easily programmed computer called the Basic Stamp Computer. This little bugger is relatively inexpensive, retailing for around $50. The microcontroller onboard this chip has a builtin BASIC interpreter. So, you can program complex decision logic and hardware interface management in BASIC. A large number of kits and inexpensive development tools are growing up around this little microprocessor. Perhaps the most interesting kits are those offered by Lego in its MindStorm series. These kits are inexpenisive, ranging in the $200 -- $300 area, include the microprocessor, and are programmable from your PC!
Books On Robotics

A Short Description
Programming And Customizing
The Basic Stamp Computer
Scott Edwards
An introduction into the programming the BASIC Stamp
computer.This book contains 12 complete applications
that show you howto program a Stamp computer. Examples
usecollision detection sensors and sonar.
Stiquito: Advanced Experients With
A Simple, Inexpensive Robot
James Conrad
Jonathan W. Mills
This book provides you with a complete write robot kit,
and a bunch of experiments to perform. The robot is
manual,so you can not write programs, but you can learn
a lot about robotics from this simple kit.

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