Developing With Ada: Life Cycle Methods
Developing With Ada:
Life Cycle Methods

Dr. Bruce E. Krell

This book provides you with a practical, tested, development methodology that allows you to implement real-time Ada systems quickly and efficiently.

Covered in this comprehensive methodology are specifications for user interaction, operational behavior, requirements analysis, timing allocation and evaluation, architecture generation, tasking, and object oriented software design. Detailed discussions cover automated verification and validation, effective design heuristics, and techniques for integrating software with concurrently developed hardware.

Extensive case studies are included to illustrate the methods and approaches. These case studies are drawn from a range of applications, including satellite control, manufacturing robot control, a message passing operating system, and a real-time image processing system for target acquisition.

While the title of this book professes to be about Ada, in fact, the subject of the book really happens to be rigorous, analytical, software engineering. The contents of this book represent the initial formulation of our rigorous Operations Driven Development Methodology that you can review elsewhere on this web site.