Corporate Objectives

Develop High Speed, Reliable Software

Nobody really likes slow buggy software. In order to avoid this kind of software, we use a very rigorous analytical process to specify and design software. This process generates a significant amount of detailed documentation that we use for testing and that you can use for maintenace.

We use this rigorous process in an incremental development approach. Our initial development provides features and capabilities that support 90% of the job required by your user. Later increments add features that you might consider bells and whistles.

Since we want to add features later, we are also forced to employ easily modified software architectures and designs. Our software approaches are characterized by table driver controllers, encapsulated data structures, and abstracted hardware interfaces.


Bid Competitive Costs For Services

Your software does not have to cost and arm and a leg. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop software within cost constraints.

By planning and controlling costs, we enable you to plan your software budget. We have a number of pricing plans that take into account your available resources.


Deliver Software On Committed Schedule

We are one of the most schedule conscious organizations that you will ever encounter. We know that schedule effects your time to market. When we bid a schedule, we deliver on that schedule.

Sometimes, we even deliver early!


Provide Cost Effective, Practical Training

As actual software developers, we appreciate the need for effective training. Our approach to this is twofold. We custom develop our courses around a set of incremental sample applications. Additionally, we provide you with lots of details in a very short period.

We call this approach the jumpstart approach. In a typical 3-day course, we cover 300-400 slides and around 50-60 sample programs. Our lecture/demo format enables you to train more individuals at less cost than most other training organizations can provide.


Publish Useful Technical Materials

We like to communicate with the development community. Our goal here is to raise the professional quality of software developers in general.

In order to introduce professionalism, we regularly publish books and on-line papers. All of our materials stress engineering and programming issues. By raising the consciousness of the development community to consider engineering approaches to software development, we hope to enable the production of better quality software delivered on cost and on schedule.